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From the time that Fergie was young, he revered and was inspired by the brilliant Jim Henson. Watching numerous documentaries and interviews from the time he was 8, he figured out how the magic behind The Muppets, Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock worked. From this point, he dedicated much of his childhood gutting out and repurposing dolls into puppets to reenact famous musical numbers and scenes from various Henson projects. 


Fergie has advanced from his stuffed animals and now has trained himself in monitor puppetry. He has also been training under seasoned puppeteers such as Michael Shupbach and Bear In the Big Blue House's Noel MacNeal. Fergie since has been accepted into various puppetry workshops - including one with The Muppets. Fergie continues to train and has begun writing his own material which he hopes to shoot and release soon. 

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