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In addition to his acting and directing experience, Fergie is also a writer. Fergie's writing varies with works that range from on-stage dramas to children's television media. 

Samples of his works are below: 


Wishful Whiskey Poured Neat  - Romantic Drama

Mike operates his own bar in Harlem, NY. When Mike's best friend, Lydia comes in to celebrate her quitting, Mike decides it's a good day to tell her his feelings for her. Things get complicated with Mike's friend Mason comes into the bar and begins to hit on her too. Frustrated with Mason's actions and his inability to express himself to Lydia, Mike internally and externally battles with himself to get closure. 



Pizza and Cigarettes - Black Comedy 

While waiting for their boss to give the go-ahead, burglars Monk and Niles argue and discuss the logistics of life and their purposes within it. 

My Boogey-Friend and Me  - Children

When 9 year old Max moves to a new town they encounter the same challenges every kid faces, especially a new school. But when Max faces some bullying and becomes too scared to tell anyone about it, Boogey the Boogey-Friend shows up to "help" him face his fears. But there's a catch - Boogey is a friend but WILL haunt you by manifesting himself into your worst fears the longer you hold off facing them head on.

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